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Posted by Ashley Goverman on November 23, 2017 Children Photos | Featured Post | No comments

When Ashley, these girls’ sweet mama, contacted me almost in tears after multiple photography session attempts, there was no doubt I was going to fit them in during this fall busy season.  She told me she has a 4 year old, 2 1/2 year old, and twin 18 month old girls…I was nervous and excited all at the same time!  Super mom would be an understatement!!  Not only did she have to get 4 girls ready for their photos in their adorable Well Dressed Wolf outfits, she also drove 2 hours to me!  I offered to find a location to cut some of her driving time, but when I told her I have a permit for Boone Hall Plantation, she was immediately sold.  And honestly…we couldn’t have had a prettier location with better light for this session!  The plantation gives so many options for backdrops, but when I saw these beautiful golden sun rays filtering through the oak trees and Spanish moss, along with a tractor driving by kicking up the dust from the dirt road, pure magic happened!  The time change had just went into effect, so it was the first time I was able to shoot at golden hour due to their hours of operation.  I can’t wait to book more sessions now that the sun is setting earlier.  Maybe I’ll luck out and capture this beautiful light again!

Grandma came along to help wrangle the girls.  Thank goodness for the extra sets of hands.  I brought my 9 year old daughter along with me too as an assistant knowing the more help the better.  We left tired and sweaty, but feeling accomplished.  I got a few posed shots with all 4 of them, but so many candid moments that honestly are such a good representation of real life that those end up being the sweetest moments individually and between sisters.  

This has definitely become some of my favorite photos!


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