Nerf Gun Birthday Party | Charleston, SC

Posted by Ashley Goverman on July 26, 2018 Children Photos | Featured Post | No comments

When my son, Blake’s, 6th birthday was approaching, we brainstormed party ideas and my husband had the genius thought to host a Nerf Gun Battle.  As soon as we mentioned it to Blake, he was on board.  We already had quite a stash of Nerf guns for some reason.  He had at least 10, and got even more as gifts at his party.  

We used large cardboard boxes for bunkers.  I wanted to use Nerf blue and orange on all of them, but Blake was insistent that we use some real camouflage colors too.  My husband cut some windows in the boxes and used dows to stake them into the ground.  We set up a table of weapon options, safety glasses, of course, and handkerchiefs for team colors. The rules for the battle were posted and discussed.  Capture the flag began!  The kids had so much fun, even though it was a little muddy from the week of rain we had prior.  Off to the side, we had some target practice options.  It certainly was an epic birthday party!  Makes me excited to plan my daughter’s 10th birthday coming up in October.  

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