Greasers | Charleston, SC Photographer | Vintage photo session

Posted by Ashley Goverman on September 26, 2016 Featured Post | No comments

This past spring we visited our family in Laurel, MD.  My cousin, Taylor, was my go-to hair and makeup artist when we lived in Maryland, so whenever we visit, we also have something epic planned.  This greaser shoot had been on the agenda for a while.  My uncle is a mechanic and owns a few vintage cars.  We wanted to do something special for both my aunt and uncle including his Chevelle.  Not only did it turn out better than I could have hoped for, we got one of the photos printed on metal and my uncle immediately hung it in his garage.  I loved being able to turn my kids into vintage greasers and really be creative with the photography.  My favorite is the one where I climbed into the backseat and put on my wide angle lens to have them looking back at me.

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