Epic Collaboration | Madison Kirk | Shelby Robinson | Ashley Goverman | Charleston, SC

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In September 2016, I attended an amazing workshop, the Neverland Retreat, in Lake Tahoe with some of my favorite photographers teaching and attending.  It was a once in a lifetime experience and I honestly have to pinch myself because I have built such great friendships from that workshop. One of the instructors, Shelby Robinson, is one of the most creative and inspiring photographers I have ever met. When we had a moment to sit down in Tahoe and grab a quick lunch, we became fast friends and knew we wanted to collaborate on something together.  

As fate would have it, I recognized a few faces in the airport preparing for my flight home. Madison’s mom and I realized we live 10 minutes away from each other!  It wasn’t long before the perfect collaboration came to mind.  Madison Kirk, Shelby Robinson, and Ashley Goverman…a day in Charleston, SC.   

Fast forward to May 2017, the weather was absolutely perfect! We started a noon at Boone Hall Plantation, then headed downtown, and finally to a flower field I was lucky enough to come across on the way to my daughter’s school.  We shot until the sun was long gone!  Then, it was time for some Japanese food per Madison’s request!  I feel so lucky to have made such wonderful friends along this photography journey.  

I am sure I still have images that I’ll return too.  Every time I look back through them I see more I want to edit!  


Hair: Lynzi Patrick

Flower dress: Dolce & Gabbana

Palm tree top: Free People

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