I have been interested in photography most of my life, but it only really became a passion after my first child in 2008.  After filling up the memory on my cell phone (yes…embarrassing at this point,) my husband bought me my first DSLR.  Then, the obsession began.  I could not get enough of pulling out my _MG_9966 3_edited-4new fancy camera and taking photos of my gorgeous baby girl.  I took a one-day class covering the very basics of going manual and self-taught from there.  The professional plunge came along when a friend asked me to photograph her wedding in early 2013.  As terrified as I was to say “yes,” I sucked it up and knew this is what I truly wanted to pursue.  From that point on, I jumped into it 100% and have not looked back!  Luckily I have had some amazing friends willing to give me constructive criticism and feedback along the way.  I love that you can never stop learning in this industry and I’m gaining more and more knowledge EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!

Fun, obscure facts about me:

  • I like to change my hair color:  A LOT!
  • I was painfully shy as a child.
  • I love to dance: which consists of in my kitchen with my kids these days.
  • Laundry is my nemesis.
  • I really hate spiders.
  • I’ve doomed both of my children to wear glasses.  It’s a good thing they are so darn cute with them!
  • I’m a beer snob, but drink wine from a box.
  • I’m a borderline vegetarian…but can’t seem to give up beef tacos.
  • Some people call me “granola.”
  • I’m a “stitch fix” addict.
  • Mosquitoes love me.
  • I want to be a country girl…love the idea of a city girl…but not going to kid myself…I belong in the suburbs.
  • I never thought I would want a minivan.  I cannot imagine life without it now having two small kids.  I call it my swagger wagon.
  • I am definitely a dog person.